Kindred Moments

We are kindred spirits, forged in different fires but kindred.
- Aaron Polson

About Us

Nutrition​​ Specialist Level 3

ABCDT - Certified Dog Trainer

Animal Behavior College 

Pet First Aid  &  CPR Certified

Animal Behavior College 
Petcurean University

At Kindred Moments we focus on positive reinforcement
methods that encourage your dog to actually want to
learn and adopt courteous manners.
We believe that in order to have the best training experience it takes
patience, consistency and the ability to have fun

Meet Our Trainer 

Christina Taccogna

Christina's main focus has always been on the importance of communication building and creating postive experiences throughout the entire training process.    

At a young age, she began trick training her canine companions to perform cues that involve jumping through hoops, closing doors and playing dead.

Christina received her Pet CPR and First Aid certification along with her ABCDT when she graduated from Animal Behavior College and received her certification as a dog trainer. After working in pet nutrition, Christina went on to receive her title as Nutrition Specialist 3 from Petcurean's Pet Nutrition University.

"One of the most rewarding parts about being a dog trainer is watching the relationship between a human and their canine companion grow stronger as the lessons progress. They quickly learn that proper communication is key to positive change."
- Christina Taccogna